The Rooftop

Price On Request

The Rooftop, 2024
Original watercolor on Arches paper
14 x 11 in
35.56 x 27.94 cm
+ Signed by the artist
+ Includes Certificate of Authenticity

High above the horizon,
a spire pierces the sky,
where the future meets your dreams,
inviting you to fly.

— Poetry by Maria Lorena Lehman


The V-SPACE painting collection imagines a world where the vastness of being is limited only by lack of imagination. This visioning dimension (known as V-SPACE) is built to limitlessly hold our potential: where all that is, has been, and can be, exists — awaiting our arrival, so we may awaken and nurture a harmonic universe where all thrives uniquely and as one.

Each painting in the V-SPACE collection, imagines an intricate network of all that is past, present, and future: where interweaving channels, threads, and vessels, serve as a “fabric of consciousness” that binds all of space and time.

The vast yet detailed architectural form that emerges in each painting constructs a model of this hidden V-SPACE system that underpins the universe. Thus, each painting captures an “architecture of full potentiality” that reflects the true you — so you can look into each V-SPACE and feel the vastness of your being. In other words, by looking into V-SPACE, you are looking into your highest self.