What is the inspiration behind these artworks?

Maria Lorena Lehman creates art as a way to see more deeply into herself, others, and our surrounding world. Based on her work as an award-winning author and designer, with these artworks Maria Lorena Lehman is deepening the development of her vision for the future of environmental design, which also has universal applications for the future of humanity. When you experience Maria Lorena Lehman's art, you are tapping into not only the creation of harmonic beauty for enlightenment, but also into new insights and findings that drive multi-disciplinary innovation for a better world. The following is a meaningful quote that highlights this best:

“For me, creating art is a performance recorded as a dance of the soul. A work of art that profoundly speaks to me and others, is one that resonates between my soul as artist and the souls of those that experience my works. [...] In turn, this yields poetic art that has not only a purpose for architectural application, but also a greater universal interpretation for any person experiencing the work.” 

— Maria Lorena Lehman

Are the artworks made with archival materials?

Maria Lorena Lehman uses best efforts to work only with archival materials when creating artwork. For example, all watercolor and oil paintings are created on 100% pure cotton Arches paper that is Acid-free and OBA-free. All artworks are signed with archival ink, and Daniel Smith Extra Fine Watercolors and Water-Soluble Oils are used for painting. These artworks are created with great attention to detail, and with your proper care, they are made to stand the test of time.

What is your Refund Policy? Is there a Money-Back Guarantee?

Once you purchase and receive your artwork(s), you will have 3 days within which to request a refund. If you decide to return the artwork, you will pay to ship the artwork back to Maria Lorena Lehman. Once the artwork has been received in original undamaged condition by the artist, Maria Lorena Lehman, you will receive a 100% Full Money-Back Refund.

What if the painting is damaged or lost during shipping?

Once the shipped artwork package is confirmed by the courier (FedEx/UPS) to have been lost or damaged, you will receive a full refund. 

Who owns the copyright for the artwork once sold?

Copyright for all sold artworks belongs to the artist, Maria Lorena Lehman.

If you have any additional questions, insights, or comments, please contact Maria Lorena Lehman directly at: [email protected]. Thank you!