Original watercolor on Arches paper
16 x 12 in
40.6 x 30.5 cm
+ Signed by the artist
+ Certificate of Authenticity included

Ships free within the United States.
For international orders, please contact the artist at: [email protected]


The "Skyways" painting explores the phenomenon of movements in the sky by way of clouds, planes, and even birds that travel. This painting invites contemplation into these invisible pathways to celebrate the beauty of orchestration in the world. As weather and air currents play an important role in how these "skyways" form, it is beautiful to see how they also disappear. A bird flies, and its path soon becomes invisible. A cloud passes over, and its transient effects soon disappear. Yet, another pathway will be formed by the next traveler. This continuous formation of "skyways" leads to the question: How can architecture be designed to celebrate those that journey through its spaces?