Metamorphosis From Within

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Metamorphosis From Within, 2021
Original watercolor on Arches paper
30 x 22 in
76.2 x 55.9 cm
+ Signed by the artist
+ Certificate of Authenticity included


The "Metamorphosis From Within" painting captures the peak moment of displacement inside a form that is orchestrating itself.

Universal Interpretation: This painting invites contemplation into the ever-transformative nature of our own evolution.

Architectural Application: This painting deepens understanding of "transformation" and dynamic change in buildings, an important aspect for the future of architecture as adaptive sensory environments.


A hieroglyph is a Greek word that means "sacred carvings". The paintings in this ECOSCRIT series build upon this meaning, as through my artistic process each painting brings forth sacred markings (carved onto paper) that recode the deep inner workings of nature's beauty. In this way, each painting translates nature's most profound and inner poetic beauty as a new hieroglyphic language that awakens and nurtures human enlightenment, by speaking directly to the soul. This new hieroglyphic soul-language that deciphers nature's deep poetic beauty is called ECOSCRIT.