Horizon House


Original watercolor on Arches paper
23 x 15 in
57.15 x 38.1 cm
+ Signed by the artist
+ Includes Certificate of Authenticity

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The painting “Horizon House” imagines a place where the sun is always centered at the horizon line; thus, creating perpetual sunrise and sunset. As everchanging clouds, weather systems, and time itself orchestrate to create a kaleidoscope of awe-inspiring beauty, it is the sun’s light that dances, as it flickers between the darkness of dusk and the light of dawn. At the “Horizon House”, profound awakening never ends. Perpetual curiosity leads to deepening learning. And the cherished “beginner’s mind” of the sage is nurtured through the environment that celebrates new understanding as much as it celebrates expert wisdom. This painting asks: How do you flicker between the beautiful dusk of wisdom and the glorious dawn of awakening?