Hearth of Inspiration


Original watercolor on Arches paper
12 x 9 in
30.5 x 22.9 cm
+ Signed by the artist
+ Includes Certificate of Authenticity

Ships free within the United States.
For international orders, please contact the artist at: [email protected]


The "Hearth of Inspiration" painting celebrates the source by which one's inner light brightly shines, as they rise into moments of inspiration to actualize their best, most authentic self. This painting asks: In the present-day world, where do individuals find their "Hearth of Inspiration"? Is it through a thought or emotion? An event or activity? Or perhaps through a human-made or nature-made creation? As one's life-journey beckons, this painting invites one to cultivate a "Hearth of Inspiration", so one's innermost light always shines.