Hall of Humanity


Original watercolor on Arches paper
23 x 15 in
57.15 x 38.1 cm
+ Signed by the artist
+ Includes Certificate of Authenticity

Ships free within the United States.
For international orders, please contact the artist at: [email protected]


The painting “Hall of Humanity” immerses one into a hallway where the future shines upon the present-day as memory. By seeing our current actions as a “history” to which humanity must respond, we can harness a new type of mental “time travel” which allows us, as individuals and as a collective, to futurecast our world. Within this semi-abstract painting, one can see humanity as painted in reddish-brown, while the surrounding corridor architecture is expressed through an illuminated black with lavender accents. This “Hall of Humanity” painting depicts the grand opportunity and responsibility of human life, using color, in ways that show “time” being used as a tool to awaken human compassion. This deepening of our consciousness helps us, as a humanity, to make more thoughtful decisions by which to actualize the fullness of joy through the betterment of all the world.