Floating Cities


Original watercolor on Arches paper
22.5 x 15 in
57.15 x 38.1 cm
+ Signed by the artist
+ Includes Certificate of Authenticity

Ships free within the United States.
For international orders, please contact the artist at: [email protected]


The “Floating Cities” painting invites one to consider the moment in an alternate world where two different “Floating Cities” meet for the first time. Within this wondrous world, “Floating Cities” travel between continents by sea, and adapt their infrastructure to everchanging weather. This painting asks: What if two Floating Cities met in the middle of the vast ocean? What beautiful skyline would be created? And what beautiful cultures, innovations, and friendships would be shared? Within the “Floating Cities” painting, one can see an imagining of such a glorious meeting where one skyline is created by two cities — inviting contemplation into one's own relationships that form "skylines" within one's journey through life.