Innovative Ideas via User Interface Design

Innovative Ideas via User Interface Design

Maria Lorena Lehman Maria Lorena Lehman
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Don't Click It!

I found a novel idea in a website called Don’t Click It, created by the Institute for Interactive Research. This site is great because it challenges the convention of how users typically interact with their computer — this is an entire website that actually does not want you to click. It’s fun. It’s creative. It’s different. It brings new life to user interface design.

Here is the Link: Don’t Click It

Revamp Your Designs

Wouldn’t it be great to design a building that pushes certain conventions, like Don’t Click It does? By questioning how we all do things, we can reach more innovative and interactive architectural design solutions.

As architectural technology and emerging architectural tools provide us with new and improved ways to design, you should be questioning what buildings do and how they do it.

Innovation is more than just using new technologies to get the same old result — it is about solving problems in creative ways that challenge conventions. By doing this, you will expose limitations, uncover opportunities for improvement and find new and innovative ideas.

The goal is for your architecture to evolve.

Image Credit: © caribb | Flickr

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