Can Architecture Arouse Sentiment?

Can Architecture Arouse Sentiment?

Maria Lorena Lehman Maria Lorena Lehman
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“Architecture arouses sentiments in man. The architecture’s task; therefore, is to make those sentiments more precise.” — Adolf Loos

Architecture is like music, with ability to arouse specific emotions and other reactions at particular moments in time. To arouse sentiment is a delicate task, and the key is to engage occupants. Human mood, behavior and physiology will all benefit from such an awakening.

To arouse precise human sentiments, architecture must integrate features like timing, materiality, information and the designer’s intent — all in an effort to engage occupants. Not only should architecture awaken occupant emotion, but it should play a role in which emotions surface and when.

Experiencing a built work is like taking a journey where “paths” lead to observations, interactions, and yes, sentiment. Precise sentiment is what will surface as occupants unravel the true nature of an architect’s design. So yes, architecture does arouse sentiment; but the challenge remains — to awaken those sentiments moment by moment to create an overarching composition of human experience.

Image Credit: © Circotasu | Dreamstime

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