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Poetic Architecture MasterClass

Design beyond the senses,
to illuminate the soul.


Award-winning design visionary Maria Lorena Lehman teaches you how to
create architecture that inspires hearts, changes lives, and builds a legacy.


MasterClass Video Introduction


What if you could
turn your building designs...

From painful to poetic?
From stressful to masterful?
From repeatable to revolutionary?

...All with a design mindset shift that takes you one hour to discover?


Introducing the...

Poetic Architecture MasterClass

How It Works

This MasterClass will teach you to:


  •  Deeply "move" occupants emotionally by designing for experiential flow and sense of place that extends beyond programmatic project requirements.
  •  Skyrocket your design concept quality by using narrative techniques, language evolution, and metaphor interpretations to create more authentic beauty with elegant function and profound meaning.
  •  Create transcendent architecture by using design-science, Gestalt, and neuroaesthetic principles that target the five key levels of human experience: the physiological, intellectual, emotional, behavioral, and even the spiritual.

What You Get

The following is the curriculum for this masterclass:


The Poetic Occupant Journey



Poetic Transformation Design



Poetic Design by Neuroaesthetics



Pantheon Poetics Case Study


Maria Lorena Lehman

About Your Instructor

Described as "one of the leading experts on delivering exceptional occupant experience through smart building design", Maria Lorena Lehman is an award-winning author, and is recipient of the Harvard University Digital Design Prize for "the most creative use of digital media in relation to the design professions". The artwork of Maria Lorena Lehman is described as "evocative visual poetry of motion that is a new inspiration" by Daniel Smith, the company that creates watercolors for artists worldwide.

Maria Lorena Lehman holds the degrees of Master in Design with Distinction from the Harvard University Graduate School of Design in the United States, and a Bachelor of Architecture with Honors from Virginia Tech in the United States. Lehman also studied with Professor T. Kelly Wilson during the "Drawing from Masters" course at Harvard University.

Maria Lorena Lehman is founder of MLL Atelier LLC ⁠— a studio practice creating research-driven visionary art projects where architectural design and futures thinking converges with emerging science and technology to create new frontiers for human potential, transcendent beauty, and phenomenology of space.

What students are saying...

"I present this testimony to express my gratitude and admiration for this website and the lecturer's outstanding performance, which shows abundant knowledge and strong presentation. These lectures by Maria Lorena Lehman have benefited me in my scientific life as a university professor and my professional practices as an architect. I always wish her good luck."

— Dr. Usama Konbr | Associate Professor, Architectural Engineering Department

"I was challenged with learning how to touch the soul through environmental design. Since learning from Maria Lorena Lehman, I now understand how through design beauty is not only seen with our physical senses, but also with our soul and spirit."

— Deyanira Khouri | Architect

"After being in architecture both academically and within the industry for over 20 years, I feel as though what Maria Lorena Lehman teaches brings to light long lost and forgotten components, secrets, and keys to creating hi-functionality and attentive design. Something computers don’t often provide when the designer is in the trenches."

— Archtitude | Architect (5-Star Review)

Poetic Architecture


Maria Lorena Lehman is a visionary and forward-thinking author and designer. Her books and advice are an endless source of inspiration and they truly embody the future and progress of the physical space and people. She has a 360 degree vision and therefore her advice makes you broaden your imagination, and drives you through your design path. Her suggestions have helped me many times to understand the strengths of my ideas as well as its weaknesses, and have given me the means to develop every project in unpredicted ways.”

 Andrea Saliola | CEO at Pixies, Forbes under 30