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Painting a New Architecture

from the studio

Painting by Maria Lorena Lehman: © All rights reserved.

“My paintings inform, as they take form.” 
— Maria Lorena Lehman 


By using the process of art creation, I am able to see more deeply into environmental design. Art is my way of bridging between disciplines, and it is also its own discipline that brings forth a wonderful lens by which to explore architecture and its most critical principles and philosophies.


Within the visual (show above), my painting informs as it takes form. As I paint, I explore concepts ranging from those of latest findings in theoretical physics to new ways to leverage emerging technologies. Together these converge within the paintings I create, and I therefore see new ways to think about and design for architecture, that ultimately are perceived through the completed paintings as new architectural experience.

I am finding that architectural concepts and principles that span beyond interdisciplinary boundaries are beautifully embodied within painting. This action of artistic seeing fuses science and design in ways that free understanding so new design discoveries can be made – at different levels and for different purposes.

When viewing such an art piece, it is helpful to allow for your own immersion into the painted spatial construct. Your experience will be one of architectural perception that fuels thought and perhaps action about the greater world, and your relation and role within that world. For this reason, the art of painting is more than a depiction of space. It is an invitation to immerse yourself in a deeper world full of insights, discoveries, and implications waiting to be found.

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