A Dance of the Soul

May 11, 2021
Metamorphosis from Within painting detail | Copyright © Maria Lorena Lehman
Metamorphosis from Within painting detail | Copyright © Maria Lorena Lehman


Within the book entitled Drawing to See, the Italian architect Carlo Scarpa states: “I want to see, and that is why I draw. I can see an image only if I draw it”. This sentiment holds true for me as well. When I create art, I am able to see more deeply into my curiosities, experiments, surroundings, and even into myself and others. The process of creating my art is like an archeological dig where I excavate to unearth otherwise hidden treasures. These treasures are new ideas, new questions, and new insights that inspire, amaze, and delight. Consequently, I am driven to learn even more; and thus, I continue onward to create my next painting or sculpture.


Yet, how do I “dig” when creating a work of art? And how do I know when I find treasure that inspires and deepens understanding? For me, creating art is a performance recorded as a dance of the soul through painting or sculpture. A work of art that profoundly speaks to me and others, is one that resonates between my soul as artist and the souls of those that experience my works.

Through my art, I strive to help people awaken to themselves, each other, and our natural surroundings in new ways not experienced before. In other words, as I “dig” to discover new possibility, I am looking for moments that enlighten, inspire, and bring vision for the actualization of new frontiers: whether for myself, for the future of architectural design, or for the future of humanity. To create a better world, it is my hope that we all may awaken to the dance of our soul.

About the author

Maria Lorena Lehman

Maria Lorena Lehman is a visionary artist, designer, and author focusing on links between environmental design, science, emerging technologies, and human potential. Lehman is founder of MLL Atelier, an art-based architectural design research practice. Maria Lorena Lehman is author of the award-winning book entitled, Adaptive Sensory Environments. She is recipient of the Harvard University Digital Design Prize for the "most creative use of digital media in relation to the design professions". Lehman also creates sculptures and paintings described as "visual poetry of motion that is a new inspiration" by Daniel Smith, the company that creates watercolors for artists worldwide. Maria Lorena Lehman holds the degrees of Master in Design with Distinction from the Harvard University Graduate School of Design, and a Bachelor of Architecture, Cum Laude, from Virginia Tech. She is internationally published and in numerous periodicals, including The Architect's Journal, Esquisses Magazine, Architect Magazine and Forbes.