• Statement of Practice

    I create in a style that I call Bloomvism. This is derived from the floriculture term for “bloom” which means "to flower into full beauty or health". Within my paintings and sculptures, all elements poetically resonate through interactions that create and evoke an ultimate moment of transcendence, not only within the artwork but also within the viewer. This moment is what I call the "Bloom Point", which is created when my art reaches the "sweet spot" of optimum harmonization levels. It is my hope that with Bloomvism as a new artistic movement, I can bring a new vision of harmony to the world. Thus, I define Bloomvism as a design philosophy, artistic practice, and environmental system of harmonization for visualizing the flowering of full beauty in ways that actualize the highest potential of humanity.


    By primarily working with painting, sculpture, and book authorship to create visionary environmental artefacts of Bloomvism, my research-driven art practice blurs boundaries by deeply bridging between architecture, science, and philosophy. I create art that explores the poetic spatial dynamics between the built environment, human beings, nature, and the cosmos, to yield architectural applications and universal interpretations that help humanity thrive as we progress into our next evolution.


    My creative practice of painting and sculpting is very response-based as I deeply listen to the artwork “unfold” while composing the experience that it will become. Through the creation of each piece, I artistically explore transcendence as Bloomvism – not only through aesthetic, but also through function and deeper meaning. In turn, this yields poetic art that has not only a purpose for architectural application, but also a greater universal interpretation for any person experiencing the work.


    At the core of each art piece is focus on intervention that disrupts the status quo to awaken new possibility. My creative process asks "What if?", through my research-driven artworks that transform design conjecture into design trajectory. My growing body of work is a continual exploration into the future of what environments can become as a practice that awakens and inspires humanity to actualize our highest potential.

    Statement of Practice I create in a style that I call Bloomvism. This is derived from the floriculture term for...


    Founder, MLL Atelier, LLC

  • “For me, creating art is a performance recorded as a dance of the soul. A work of art that profoundly speaks to me and others, is one that resonates between my soul as artist and the souls of those that experience my works.”

    — Maria Lorena Lehman