• Statement of Practice


    I create in a style that I call Bloomvism. This is derived from the floriculture term for “bloom” which means "to flower into full beauty or health". It is my hope that with Bloomvism as a new artistic style, I can bring a new vision of harmony to help humanity progress into our next evolution in ways that pioneer a better world. Thus, I define Bloomvism as an artistic practice, design philosophy, and environmental system of harmonization for visualizing the flowering of full beauty in ways that actualize the highest potential of humanity.


    To embody Bloomvism within my paintings and sculptures, I create abstract representations of reality that have never been seen due to the physical nature of the universe. For example, my “Echoes of Time” painting captures the moment of first light that turns night into day, my “Metamorphosis from Within” painting deconstructs transcendent symbiosis, my “Refracting the Speed of Light” painting orchestrates variations in matter to bend light symphonically, and my “Edge of Infinity” sculpture depicts how the evolution of choice drives beauty and diversity within growth. My mission is for Bloomvism to guide humanity to “see” beyond what we sense, to grow understanding into the hidden, complex, and ethereal qualities and systems that drive nature to yield its profound and nurturing harmonious beauty. In this way, my Bloomvism style transports viewers into deepest realities that awaken and heighten our perception and creation of what harmonious beauty can make possible in our world.



    By primarily working with painting, sculpture, and book authorship to create visionary environmental artefacts of Bloomvism, my research-driven art practice blurs boundaries by strategically bridging architecture, science, and philosophy. I create art that explores the poetic dynamics between the built environment, human beings, nature, and the cosmos, to yield design applications and universal interpretations that invite deepening immersion into the never-before-seen realms found within nature and depicted in my art:


    • At a far distance, my paintings and sculptures are gateways into new realms of nature, inviting viewers into their grand principles that drive their narrative stories in simplest form.
    • At a medium distance, the stories within my paintings and sculptures unfold. This is where each new natural realm depicted captures attention and focus, inviting one to stay as long as they wish to fully absorb its systems and story.
    • At a close distance, my paintings and sculptures reveal the relationship between nature’s entities through the way my gestural marks drive one another into harmonious composition. The viewer may even identify with a particular mark as a reflective character.


    In essence, I am building worlds that “bloom”.



    I get my inspiration from the juxtaposition between the beauty and harmony that blooms in the natural world compared to the discord and missed opportunities for beauty that erodes our humanmade world. My mission with Bloomvism is to close this gap, so that what we make as a humanity can rise to enter into beautiful and harmonious symbiosis with the natural world, where both bloom and thrive. Yet, to do this, humanity needs to see beyond “surface beauty” in today’s world – through my art that interprets and makes tangible the otherwise invisible systems that drive nature’s deepest beauty, so humanity can learn and apply these “blooms” to humanmade design. In this way, we may heighten our awareness as a humanity so we can thrive with Bloomvism, in a world nurtured into full harmonious health and beauty.

    Statement of Practice TOWARDS BLOOMVISM I create in a style that I call Bloomvism. This is derived from the floriculture...


    Founder, MLL Atelier, LLC

  • “For me, creating art is a performance recorded as a dance of the soul. A work of art that profoundly speaks to me and others, is one that resonates between my soul as artist and the souls of those that experience my works.”

    — Maria Lorena Lehman